Vertical plate freezers for fish

Project: Vertical plate freezers

Installer: Frío Coruña

Customer: Doca Marinha, Ltd. (Portugal)

Date: 2012-2021

Bulk freezing of fish in large volumes needs contact freezing equipment, able to provide the required high performance. Tucal manufactures plate freezers for fish industries, whether for service on board or in land-based factories.

Doca Marinha Sociedade de Congelados e Pescado, Lda. is one of the customers who relies on Tucal vertical plate freezers.

The relationship between Tucal and Doca Marinha begun in 2012 with the supply of two vertical plate freezers for pelagic fish and also the refrigeration equipment required for servicing them in their plant in Setúbal (Portugal). These plate freezers have 27 Stations (with three blocks per station 590x390x100 mm), which lets the Portuguese company reach a capacity of 1.550 Kg/cycle with each unit.

Further to this initial project, and in collaboration with Frío Coruña, an installer of industrial refrigeration systems, Tucal increased the capacity of this fish processor with equipment of similar characteristics.

In 2021, Doca Marinha had nine vertical plate freezers in operation, reaching a processing capacity of 90 Ton per day.

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