Plate Freezers and industrial refrigeration solutions

High freezing capacity and optimised performance

Energy efficiency, speed and consumption improvement

Premium quality materials

Tucal manufactures stainless steel frames, components and freezing trays.

Clean and robust design

Tucal engineers design clean, robust and easy-to-operate equipment, conceived for a long life.

Low circuit pressure

More security thanks to a hydraulic circuit that works at low pressure.

Low refrigerant volume

Tucal freezing equipment works with less refrigerant charge.

Quick freezing

Contact freezing results in a very short cycle and high quality production.

For land or marine use

Tucal plate freezers and refrigeration equipment have applications in both industrial factories and the marine sector.

Customised solutions

Our engineering team analyses every project and designs solutions adapted to the customer requirements in terms of capacity, space, block size and refrigerant.

Tucal quality

Complete design and production in the EU, under the highest quality standards. 24/7 Personalised dedication of our engineers throughout the whole process.

High-quality freezing solutions designed to optimise production

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